Giving Back

Each year Lynn Page & Associates like to “give back” in any way possible, even in the smallest gifts that give hope and love to individuals.

“When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.”

December 2014

It was an absolute pleasure for all of us at Lynn Page & Associates to bless the children at Bethel Praise and Worship centre with Christmas gifts. Their smiles are confirmation that the smallest blessing can make a difference.

Port Elizabeth-20141213-01602 Port Elizabeth-20141213-01601

Changing a life can be done with the smallest act of kindness.

Lynn Page & Associates had the absolute honor of spending time with babies that have either been abandoned or abused, however are loved and comforted by the lovely ladies at AAA Haven as well as children from two creches: MES and Bethel Babes. Thank you to everybody that donated clothes, food and other goodies. The children were absolutely grateful  and full of smiles!!

Mandela Day 18 July 2014 spent with the awesome children from Bethel Babes, MES and the precious babies at AAA Haven.

mandela day 116  mandela day 111 mandela day 098 mandela day 097 mandela day 094 mandela day 084 mandela day 081mandela day 067

mandela day 074 mandela day 113mandela day 118

Christmas with Bethel Babes Sunday School

IMG-20131214-00417 IMG-20131207-00397 IMG-20131207-00396 IMG-20131207-00395 IMG-20131214-00418

We also recently did Stress Wise training with the Bethel Babes Educare staff. It was an absolute pleasure to work with the school.

Giving back to underprivileged schools (2013):

Lynn Page & Associates had the privilege and honor to give young school children hundreds of books to use towards their education and literacy. They received the books with gratefulness and HUGE smiles!

Port Elizabeth-20130718-02639 IMG-20130718-02644 IMG-20130718-02643 IMG-20130718-02642 IMG-20130718-02641 Port Elizabeth-20130718-02640

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