Certificate Presentation – December 2014

Congratulations to all of the learners that were found competent in their perspective Unit Standards. We had the privilege of spending time with some of the learners from Rory Leisching, Legal Aid Board as well as the NMBM.

These learners have worked extremely hard and the credits obtained were well earned.

IMG_20141204_114532 IMG_20141204_114543IMG_20141204_120531

IMG_20141204_202810 IMG_20141204_202839IMG_20141204_202441

IMG_20141204_202747 IMG_20141204_202716 IMG_20141204_202645 IMG_20141204_202604

IMG_20141204_202342 IMG_20141204_202245 IMG_20141204_202205 IMG_20141204_202121 IMG_20141204_202019


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